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Cassie's Birthday Wish by Lynn Chantale

Cassie’s Birthday Wish

Cassie loves Cole and cherishes her relationship with the sexy rancher, but her heart also yearns for, Seth, the ranch manager.

Cole has held Cassie’s heart for a very long time, and will do anything to keep her happy. But will a threesome with Seth be too much?


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Cassie Rivers stared out the office window with a sigh. Just in the distance, beyond the creaky wooden steps of the back porch, right at the edge of her vegetable garden, Seth Carson, pushed a mower. She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and held her breath as Seth pulled his sweat soaked t-shirt over his head and draped it over the handle of the mower.


Thick corded muscles rippled in his arms when he resumed cutting the grass. This wasn’t the first time Cassie watched — or rather lusted after the sexy ranch manager. It reminded her of the first time she saw him, six months prior. Cole hired him, while she was away for a weekend of relaxation. She hadn’t expected an instant attraction to the man, or that he would fit so nicely into their lives.


He had chocolate brown curls,  that were now slicked to his head and a tanned torso that made her long to be held in his embrace.


The bottom half of him was drool worthy as well. Faded denim hugged powerful legs and thighs. She envied how the fabric was able to caress his hard buttocks. Seth turned, and as if knowing she were watching, lifted a hand in greeting.


She had her own work that needed tending, a stack of receipts and invoices that had to be reconciled and paid. She let the curtain drop back in place.


Cassie turned and screamed.

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