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Sex Lies & Joysticks

Sex Lies & Joysticks

For the first time in a long time, Randa Arnold is happy beyond measure. She has the love of her husband, Linc and her paramour Matteo. After the fulfillment of a mutual sex fantasy and an unbelievable night of passion her world is turned upside down.


Lincoln never expected his wife to fall in love with another man, even though he knew that was a possibility. He loves his wife, but just can't wrap his mind around her emotionally attached to someone else, so he does the only thing he can, he forces Matteo to leave.


Forcing Matteo to leave has some unexpected consequences. Randa is despondent, yet keeps a brave face. This only intensifies Linc's sense of guilt. If that weren't enough, someone is threatening his wife. His only chance at redemption and to get to the bottom of the threat is to bring Matteo back. Only one problem, the man can't be found.


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Chapter One




Lincoln Arnold held his breath and waited to see if she would come to the window. Disappointment wiggled its way in the pit of his stomach, but he would not be deterred. He grabbed a few more pebbles from the ground in front of him and tossed them at the glass.


Maybe she was too involved in her video game to notice he was throwing rocks at her window. He didn’t entirely blame his wife for ignoring him. With all the traveling he’d done lately, they hadn’t been able to spend any real time together. Lincoln was hoping to remedy that with a little impromptu lunch. If he could get his wife’s attention, that was.


AN EXPLOSION FILLED the screen. Randa shouted in triumph, as did the voice in her headset, when several bodies went flying.

“Now let’s go get their flag,” she said. The wireless controller vibrated in her hand. Multiple light flares soared over her avatar’s head, and she frantically searched the screen for the enemy.

“What the…” the voice said in her ear. “Where’d that come from?”

“Dunno, but I’m almost outta health.”

“I gotcha.”

“What’s up with FazFazol? He sent me some weird message that he was pissed about losing the last tournament.” Randa grunted when she narrowly missed an opponent’s attack.

“He’s upset because he recruited you, and already you’re a better player.” Gremlin chuckled. “I wouldn’t worry. You know how fragile his ego is.”

Another explosion vibrated her controller.



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