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Micah’s Blessing

There must be another way.

Pastor Micah Daniels has grown weary with his well-doing, even worse he’s losing faith in what God has for his life. The only solution Micah can see is to step down from his position as pastor of Revival Tabernacle. Maybe some time away from the parish can restore his ailing heart.

Lord, please help me. I can’t keep living like this.

Delilah Rivers utters this plea as she stares at a handful of pills. Despondent at the shambles her life has become, Delilah tries one final tactic before ending her life, she goes to church.

What God hath joined together...

Micah is the last man she expects to treat her with care and respect. His compassion and understanding move her as nothing else can. God wouldn’t send a humble, devout man to cherish someone like her. Her past is sordid, her flaws many, but will she be able to accept a better way to love and be the blessing Micah needs her to be?


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She paused and listened. She recognized one of the voices as that of an usher named Rosa.

“I don’t know what she is or thinks she’s trying to prove parading around like she has been. Did you see what she had on and the way the Pastor was fawning over her?” Rosa said.

“I heard the reason she got beat up was because the guy wouldn’t pay.”

Delilah moved back and blinked back tears. She drew in a deep breath. She put her hand on the knob. The next words she heard made her furious.

“The only reason Pastor got involved was because she was supposed to go out with him.”

“I think she got what she deserved.”

Delilah shoved the door hard enough that it banged against the wall. The tears were gone from her eyes, but anger was not. She stared at the three women sitting in the room gossiping. They looked at her in total shock and if she wasn’t mistaken guilt and shame.

“Wow. I thought I’d come sit in on a Bible study and I didn’t realize the lesson would be about me.”

“We, I...” Rosa stammered.

She held up her hand. “No, dear let me share a few things about Delilah that you don’t know. I am a singer, I am saved and I love God with all my heart. My past is sordid, but I believe yours is as well.” She looked around the room. She recognized the faces and not just from church. “I spent many years singing in clubs, alot of them even before I could buy my own drink and I did sing in strip clubs. No one pays attention to the singer when there’s half naked women on the stage.” Her eyes rested on each one in turn.

“But I never judged, because everyone has to make a living some kind of way.” She shifted the strap on her shoulder. “I’m not proud of what I’ve done. I’m not where I want to be, but thank God I’m not what I used to be.” She glanced at the women. “If I had been looking for God and didn’t know him for myself I would be convinced that all Christians are like you. Mean and vindictive because I have something you couldn’t get.

“I see why the Pastor didn’t want to get involved with you ladies you have all the gloss of Christians but are more like the Sadduccees.” She took a breath. “Take a good look at me. You think I deserved to have someone I knew and respected try to rape me, to punch and kick and hurt me the way he did, but that’s not even what makes me angry. It’s the way you talk about your Pastor. He is a good man and has done everything possible for this church. Each of you know that and you still entertain rumors and innuendo instead of offering him your support in his time of need.

“That is what angers me. He’s a man anointed and appointed by God and doesn’t need your particular brand of malice. He has enough to deal with without that.

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