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Love Smack Down Series Book 3 – Indulging Sin

Moses Hawke has loved Sin from the moment he laid eyes on her, but being with her cost him a good friend and valuable partnership.

Sin knows what Moses sacrificed to be with her and she’s willing to keep a few secrets of her own to maintain their peaceful existence.

Some things are not meant to be hidden and when all Sin’s transgressions become known, she’s left to wonder if Moses will still be there to protect her.


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“C’min,” Moses called.

The knob jangled and the hinges creaked. Perfume, a subtle blend of rose and citrus caressed his senses, tightened his groan and knotted his stomach. Definitely not Virgil. High heels clicked across the threshold, followed by the soft rustle of clothing.

No. This could not be happening to him tonight. She wasn’t supposed to be here. He closed his eyes and willed his body under control, but the sweet scent of her fragrance left him a little dizzy. A warm hand skimmed his spine, before squeezing his ass.

Her throaty chuckle only made his dick harder. Dad-blasted female.

“Not even gonna to turn around and say hi?” A playful note clung to her sultry voice. “C’mon, Moses, don’t tell me you’re afraid of my big brother.”


He was by no means a coward, but he’d lost a valuable partnership because of the woman at his back. And there was so much more he was willing to risk to keep her in his life. In his bed.

She brushed against his rear, pressing her firm breasts into his back. Her slim hands splayed across his chest, wandered over his flat stomach, and dared to linger at his waistband. He stood still, his body going haywire at her closeness. He grasped her wrists when her fingers went to the snap on his jeans.

“Sin. Why are you here?”

Her throaty chuckle only tightened the knot of tension in his stomach and made his cock ache and throb. Yeah, her name was perfect. She inspired temptation and his resolve was dissipating faster than his erection.

“Not until you turn around and face me.”

Inhaling a breath, he spun on his heel to face her and wished he hadn’t. The dark trench coat she wore was held open by her hands on her hips, showcasing her light blue corset and matching garter. Damn. Black, thigh-high stockings and fuck-me black peep toes completed her ensemble.

If she was here to tempt him, it was working. All that expanse of mocha latte skin exposed for his pleasure and there was no more room in his crotch for his monster hard-on. She drifted a scorching gaze over him, lingering on the avid bulge in his jeans, then licked her lips. He had half a mind to bend her over his desk and seek relief in her more than welcoming depths.

Her mouth quirked in a saucy smirk, almost as if she knew the thoughts circling in his head. She shifted and offered him better view of her breasts, which were straining against the top of the lingerie.

Moses stifled a groan. Yeah, she was living up to her name. Sin in high heels. He folded his arms across his chest, anything to keep from reaching for her.

“What do you want, Sin?”

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