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Mayoral candidate Myron Parker knows what he wants and pursues his ambitions with calculated precision. Tenaj Miller Isn't taken in by Myron's glib manner or sexy voice. She knows he's a playboy and wants nothing to do with him. A chance meeting across a crowded room is enough to spark an already smoldering need Myron never knew he needed. With forces determined to undermine Myron and Tenaj at every turn only one thing can save them both a marriage of convenience. 

Myron Parker couldn't believe he signed on for this. All he needed was a few moments of silence or to get away from glad handing the people funding him. He may be running for Mayor, but his integrity was not for sale.


Scanning the ballroom, he pretended not to see his campaign manager trying to catch his eye. Myron turned to gaze out the window at the Detroit skyline. The buildings rose majestically against the blazing reds and pinks of the sun sinking below the horizon. Nearby lights danced across the inky water, distorted in the ensuing ripples as the riverboat ‘Detroit Princess’ chugged along. The meandering view was a perfect photo opp. for any legitimate camera buff.


Behind him, the ballroom pulsed with happy mood music and smattered laughter. Alcohol flowed freely, as did the false compliments. He grimaced. This lavish affair with seven buffet tables, champagne fountain, and open bar was on his behalf. He was the guest of honor, and he couldn’t have cared less.


Not that he didn’t appreciate the effort his campaign manager put forth, but the time could be better spent wooing the voters in a different way. The city, already in dire need of financial assistance, scrutinized any un-necessary spending, especially with Emergency Services and the education system failing. Detroit was his home and he didn’t like seeing it viewed as the worst city in America.


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