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Decadence, indulgence, and anticipation are the things Essence desires of her night in the Cage. And she’s bought the perfect dress for the occasion. 
Sir has planned the perfect evening for his tardy sub in Chicago’s exclusive sex club. 
Seduction comes at the edge of a blade. Pleasure at the whisper of a caress, all is a prelude to Essence’s ultimate fantasy. But there are consequences to being late… 

The Cage is an on-premise lifestyle club, located in Chicago's chic, up and coming West Loop neighborhood. In this compilation of short chronicles, the hottest list of talented, best-selling authors from every genre will take you on an erotic tour through five floors of fantasy.

by Phoenix Daniels (Author), Lynn Chantale (Author), Cereza (Author), A. Monique (Author), Jeanie Johnsom (Author), Jayha Leigh (Author), King Elle (Author), Tony Rich (Author)  


A smile curved her lips. a rocking good party was in full swing, and she couldn’t wait to participate. The wall in front of her slid open and sound slammed into her.

For a moment she was deafened by music, voices, and heat. She almost stepped back with the onslaught, but squared her shoulders and shoved through the thick soup of gyrating bodies, techno music and humidity.

A few heads swiveled her way, smiling or winking appreciation. Smiling, she added an extra hip sway. She loved this dress. She spent the better part of three months, brown bagging her lunch and extra hours in the gym just to make sure she was toned and curved for this dress.

By the time she reached the long sleek bar, the slinky, silk chemise was near transparent with perspiration and clung to her ample curves.

“Pink moscato,” she ordered when she caught the bartender’s attention.

While she waited for her drink she turned and scanned the crowd. Odd. She figured Sir would already be here. If he was here, he wouldn’t be hard to find. He was an easy six-two and built like a linebacker. And he would easily stand out amongst the slender, pretty, and less built patrons.

“Here ya go.”

Turning, she found her drink waiting. She picked it up and stopped. Something was written on the napkin She set the glass aside to read.

“Open the package and put it on.’

Essence dragged the package from her purse and ripped off the brown paper. Inside was a simple blindfold. Her heart skipped a beat. She was supposed to wear a blindfold in a sex club with a bunch of strangers.

She worked a little spit around her mouth thought better of it and took a fortifying gulp of wine. This was probably her punishment for being late. Well, it was her own fault. Had she not indulged in the extra twenty minutes of hydromassage after her workout, changed into the dress she was now wearing, and hit traffic, she’d have been here on time.


She slid the blindfold in place. Who was she kidding? Had she not changed at the gym, she’d be in even more trouble. It wasn’t like she went around in silk without underwear. Sipping her wine, she listened to the ebb and flow of the club. This was the main floor, well the party floor where all the bars, music and dance floors were centered.

A hand brushed her behind and she stiffened. Slowly she relaxed. Just someone walking by and got a little too close, she reasoned.

A flush of heat bloomed through her body. The sweetness of the wine helped settle any lingering nerves.

A hard body pressed into hers. “Are you here with anyone?” came the rich baritone.

“I am.”

He leaned close so his lips brushed her ear. A small shiver of awareness danced through her veins. “Maybe I see you with your man and he let me have a taste?”

Before she could respond, he was gone. She was so tempted to tear off the blindfold and see who he was.

Maybe she drank the wine a little too fast, but she definitely had a slight buzz from the alcohol. Glass now empty, she set it aside and leaned against the counter more for support than leisure.

A familiar scent, a deep woodsy pine whispered pass. She turned to get a better sniff and was grabbed around the waist. She opened her mouth to protest, and a hand was clamped over her lips.

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