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The Contractor’s Baby #MFRWhooks

Embittered by divorce, Dexter Carson resolves to live without romantic love or a family of his own. When he arrives at a job site, the last thing he expects is his instant attraction to the ebony-haired client. But work comes first, and he's determined to maintain a professional distance, no matter how his body reacts to her soft scent and feminine curves.

Beautiful and intelligent, Molly Crosby has always doubted a man would love her, and now that she's forced to care for her infant niece, all hope for a man who will cherish her seems lost. But when she meets Dexter, she longs to discover what's behind the rugged contractor’s solemn demeanor, and to win more of his  devastating smiles. 


When a bombshell threatens the tender relationship that’s developing, will Molly's love be enough to overcome the scars from his past, or will Dexter walk away from his only chance at love and family? 

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They sat in a back booth with the baby in the corner next to Dexter. From the moment they sat down, Molly had managed to keep Dexter talking about his life, and he’d managed to keep her laughing. 


“I can’t believe how much we have in common.” She dabbed at her eyes with her napkin. “It’s like we’re soul mates.” 


He grudgingly had to agree with her. “You are so down-to-earth.” 


Reaching over, she snagged a tortilla chip and scooped up a generous portion of the homemade spicy salsa. “You expected me to be more prissy?” 


He’d gone this far, might as well finish eating his shoe. “Yeah, actually. Be careful, that salsa’s really hot.” 


She coughed and sputtered. Tears streamed down her cheeks while she fanned her mouth. “Hot is not the word for it.” 


“Try this.” He offered her a section of lime, then pushed her glass of water toward her. “I tried to warn you.” 


She sipped her water. After a moment she sat back, a wide grin on her face. “I like spicy.” She reached for another chip. 


Amusement curved his lips when she went through the same antics again, this time without the coughing. As long as the heat made her happy. On impulse, he placed his hand over hers, again surprised at the softness of her skin. With his thumb he drew lazy circles on the back of her hand. “I like you, Molly. I really do.” 

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Clutter Me This

The difference between hoarding and collecting are three things I collect on a regular basis; socks, ink pens, and hotel keycards.  The pens get left or lost with the same frequency with which they are purchased. Same goes for the socks. Although I think the washer eats those most of the time. As for the keycards, they’re in a box. Not a very big box, but in a box with other mementos. So at what point could or would be considered hoarding?


If every available surface of my home contained a sock, pen, or keycard and I maintained an irrational attachment to the items.


One definition of hoarding, according to the Mayo Clinic, – is a persistent difficulty in discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them  A person with hoarding disorder will experience actual stress when faced with throwing away any items, regardless of value.


Shows like ‘Hoarders’ and ‘Who Wants a Clean HOuse’ helped to bring this psychological disorder to light. I’m sure you know someone who claims tire “collection” of soda pop bottle caps and bent paper clips are the most valuable thing ever and have a meltdown when you clean up, or even mention throwing away their trash.


Collecting on the other hand, is done with the purpose of enjoyment, bragging rights, or profit.  Coins, stamps, baseball cards, and paintings come to mind when collection is mentioned. Many times the owner of those items look to trade, or sell these valuable items, but do not maintain more than a cursory attachment to the items.


Getting rid of an old sock, a busted pen, or a tattered keycard will not send me into a n anxiety attack. Now if you touch my stash of chocolate…well that’s a different story.

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