We survived the holidays, now we’re in the weight loss mode Spring break is near and summer is just around the corner. So how strict of a diet do you have to fit into that sleek summer swimsuit?


That all depends on what your true goal is. If it’s just to lose a few extra pounds, cutting back on fattening foods, like anything fried, and upping the raw veggies and fruit will go a long way to helping you achieve your goal. And don’t forget the water. Drink lots of water.


But what if you’re like me and want to lose weight for overall health and well-being? This requires a lifestyle change.


Consistent workouts in the gym accompanied with changing how I eat is crucial. Consider this, it takes longer to gain weight than it does to lose it. With concentrated effort one can lose nearly a 100 pounce if not mood in a year.


Recently, I was diagnosed pre-diabetic. This isn’t something that runs in my family, so it came as quite a surprise. Hopefully, with the changes I’ve made, eliminating dairy, eating little meat, and eating lots of raw fruits and veggies, I’ll see better numbers in April when I go back for my check-up.


Oh and not to mention working out a minimum of three days a week. This doesn’t include walking the dog.


So whether the goal is five pounds or fifty, the approach should be the same. Do it for yourself, and overall well-being.



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