Time Bomb (Book 4) 

There’s a crazed killer on the loose and part-time pro wrestler/full-time private investigator Swift Time fears this case just might be his last. 


Luckily this PI has an advantage in the ring and when it comes to tracking down fugitives: he's got a touch of ESP and he's not afraid to use it. Swift Time has no problem utilizing his unique skill to find a missing person, solve a murder, or bring in the bad guy but when it comes to his affection for successful bar owner Abigal Alexander, his power is useless.


While their love blooms, bodies are stacking up and only Swift Time can put a stop to it. With his wrestling career and new relationship hanging in the balance, can he protect Abigail while tracking down the relentless murderer? Or will he lose everything because he neglected his supernatural ability to see it all coming?

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Cain McBride rushed through the marbled foyer and up the wide, winding staircase with its gleaming wood banisters to the last room in the carpeted hall. Never before had he been summoned to his father’s home with such urgency. His father, Thomas McBride, was nearing 80 and was just as sharp as when Cain was a teenager. Much to Cain’s wonder, Thomas knew all his son’s schemes and secrets and never let him get away with anything.

And now, Cain had been summoned to his childhood home.

Multiple scenarios played through Cain’s mind. Perhaps his father was dying from some incurable cancer. Or maybe a stroke would force Cain to put his father in a home.

Cain dismissed the latter. Thomas McBride had enough money to hire private nurses to care for all his needs.

Cain composed himself before he knocked on the door. He ran his hand down from his neatly trimmed hair to the crisp edge of his mustache until he reached the silk of his tie. He didn’t want to look flustered.

“Come,” came the hearty response to his knock.

Cain twisted the knob. His father didn’t sound like he was in pain or ill health. Cain pushed open the wooden door. The scents of aged leather and expensive cigar smoke greeted him. The scents of his childhood and of his father. Cain stepped into the room and closed the door.

“Father?” Cain glanced around the room. The mahogany gleamed. The desk and credenza glowed with a mirror shine. The furnishings hadn’t changed, but the paint and carpet

The Baker's Touch (Book 1) 

Valentine’s is always a busy time of year for PB and J Bakery.

With love fueling the need for sweet confections, there’s always room for romance. Even the anonymous gifts left for Penelope, by a secret admirer, are a welcome distraction from the chaos of chocolate and spongecake.

Penelope Bishop has an idea who’s sending the gifts, or at least she hopes it’s her sexy mystery man who stole a kiss on New Year’s Eve. The trouble is, she’s never seen him. Her only clues are dancing skills, a great pair of lips, and a sensual voice that haunts her dreams and every waking fantasy. All that pales when her assistant, Avery, inspires those same lustful thoughts.

Avery has loved Penelope from afar, but with her recent breakup, he doubts she’ll view him beyond the current role he has in her life...seeing eye person. He has one chance to woo a woman who defines her world through touch, scent, sound, and taste--think outside the dating box. When an old flame comes courting and makes Penelope an offer she just may accept, Avery has one last opportunity to make her his Valentine...he’ll have to bare all.

Blind Secrets (Book 2)

When one is blind trust is important, but who can you trust when someone is trying to kill you? 

Wealthy, blind and grieving, Amelia Hastings-Bedford would gladly give away her fortune if it would bring back her beloved, Joshua. Knowing her money can’t, she forges into a marriage of convenience with Gareth, family friend and law partner.

Gareth Bedford knows two things; someone is trying to kill Amelia and someone is embezzling company funds. Gareth does all he can to protect Amelia from her enemies., but doing so places him in the crosshairs.

When a family member’s action creates tragic consequences only one thing can save Amelia. Joshua.

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Broken Lens (Book 3)

Geneva Martin enjoys photography and has earned quite a reputation for her prints. Armed with an ordinary smartphone, Geneva captures the world around her. What’s amazing is she can’t see.

Serefina Gellar has idolized Geneva from afar. When she gets the opportunity to meet Geneva, Serefina realizes she wants to be Geneva and will do anything to achieve that goal.

Geneva doesn’t realize she now has a stalker. However, after taking a random photo, Geneva also becomes a killer’s target.

Stalker. Killer. It’s just a matter of time before one of them gets to her first.

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