Interesting that NaNoWriMo is the prompt for this week as I was just telling someone I need to go over my notes for the manuscript I plan to write.


For those who don’t know NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. Every November writers strive for 50k in 30 days. I The few times I’ve done this it has been an exhilarating feat.


Nano is all about getting the writing process started and keeping it going. There are two books I actually finished during NANo. The first was ‘Micah’s Blessing’ and the second, Blue Jean Flame. The latter has not seen the light of day and the former is all pretty and shiny in its cover on Amazon.


NaNo is a challenge that is productive, stressful, and fun. If you’re registered with the site, there are daily emails to encourage you to reach your goal. There’s even a word count monitor, and if you make 50k they give you a nifty little bag to place on your blog or website.


You don’t have to start a manuscript from scratch, you can complete an existing one. The one rule is no editing. NaNo is all about getting words on the page, allow those creative juices to flow and just get the story down.


There will be days where you sit in front of the computer and wonder what to type ad then there will be days where the words flow like a tidal wave. Some of the prose will be magnificent and some will truly be horrific, but the point is to write, write, write.


I’m accepting the challenge of 50k in 30 days. Just make sure I have my caffeine and fruit okay?


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