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Monthly Archives: December 2019

Ring in the New #MFRWhooks

2020 is fast approaching, and the New Year can’t come fast enough to suit me! With the coming of a New Year comes resolutions. Some of the first resolutions to be made are weight loss.


Fitness centers, personal trainers, and the like have great offers to entice people to get in  shape, or lose a few pounds in time for the spring break. That’s fine and may last until March.

Then there’s the financial resolution. How else are you going to pay down that holiday debt?

How about a better relationship in the New Year?


Well, I can’t remember the last time I made a New Year’s resolution. However, if I were to make one or three. it would be to write more, socialize more, travel more, and do better health wise. I’d also like to minimize the amount of toxicity in my life, and live.


2020 brings a newness and a resolve to live. Not to have someone dictate who I can and can’t see or what I can and can’t do. If I want to visit family for six weeks, then someone please look after my cats.


My resolutions for 2020 are to get healthier, travel more, write more, and ditch the lingering bitterness and resentment I have. No one can do things for me, unfortunately. When I fall in love again, it will be with someone who truly respects and values what I bring to the table.


Now let’s see how many of those resolutions I can keep throughout the coming year.

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Nightmare Date #MFRWauthor


Picture this, a beautiful sunny day. Few clouds are in the sky, a nice breeze is blowing, and the temperature is just right for a knee-length sundress. You’re with the one you love and you’re headed to one of your fave restaurants to meet with the other person in our little polycule.


Conversation is light and easy. Lots of laughter, or is it just to mask the tension hovering between him and her?


The bill has been paid and the real conversation begins…the crux? He wants a divorce so he can marry her.


That’s how a perfect date can become a nightmare. No real warning for either party just his decision to get rid of one in preference for another.


Since that date, I’ve ventured on many other dates and the worst that’s happened has been a no show. While I like dating, I’m not a fan of online dating. Entirely too much work needs to go into weeding out bots, sex fiends, and just plain idiots. Then again, I don’t think any of the online dates  I’ve made will ever come close to that nightmare date.



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Magic of love? #MFRWhooks

Jackson Holt wants to surprise his girlfriend, Meredith with the wedding of her dreams, but a jealous co-worker is bent on keeping the lovebirds apart.

Meredith Baxter is overjoyed at the prospect of a Christmas Eve wedding. When the groom goes missing just moments before the ceremony, she’s left to wonder if it’s a case of cold feet or something much more sinister.

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Meredith fought her rising desire and stared into his eyes once more. Green. His eyes were a remarkable shade of emerald she’d never seen anywhere or on anyone else. Mix that with his caramel complexion, decadent body and hell of a voice and she was stuck faster than a compact car in a snowdrift.

His dulcet tones mesmerized her. The way his raspy baritone warbled on blues notes was enough to grab her attention, but it was the haunted look in his eyes that captivated and his selfless giving that kept him in her heart.

He’d always been attentive and caring. But that was three months ago, before he decided to fill in for another bassist. Before he left her without so much as an email or old-fashioned ‘Dear Jane’ letter. She’d have settled for a text message, anything was better than him leaving with her heart and not telling her why. Especially after all the promises he made.

He’d pledged his love, promised her grand adventures, made her believe in the magic of love, then he took it all away.

With a sigh, she spun on her heel and stalked up the sidewalk.



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