Picture this, a beautiful sunny day. Few clouds are in the sky, a nice breeze is blowing, and the temperature is just right for a knee-length sundress. You’re with the one you love and you’re headed to one of your fave restaurants to meet with the other person in our little polycule.


Conversation is light and easy. Lots of laughter, or is it just to mask the tension hovering between him and her?


The bill has been paid and the real conversation begins…the crux? He wants a divorce so he can marry her.


That’s how a perfect date can become a nightmare. No real warning for either party just his decision to get rid of one in preference for another.


Since that date, I’ve ventured on many other dates and the worst that’s happened has been a no show. While I like dating, I’m not a fan of online dating. Entirely too much work needs to go into weeding out bots, sex fiends, and just plain idiots. Then again, I don’t think any of the online dates  I’ve made will ever come close to that nightmare date.



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