Alexa has always followed her heart, but when her feelings lead her to bed The Tag Team of Perfect Storm, well she’s in heaven, until another wrestler threatens the happy balance.

Tono and Daniel, known as Perfect Storm, don't mind sharing Alexa. In fact, they’ve embraced all the pleasure a threesome will bring. When a heel, Virgil, decides to interfere, well the guys will just have to show him why they're the champions.


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“Are you sure you’re okay with this?”


“I’m more than okay with it and so is Tono. Don’t believe me? Go ask him.”


Alexa scanned the gyrating bodies, spotted a flash of white and a mop of tousled dark curls. As usual a group of scantily clad women surrounded him. He caught her eye and flashed her a devil-may-care smile.


Some part of her wanted to be jealous for the attention he paid the women surrounding him, but that little smirk set everything right with her world again.


“You’re making the other women jealous.” Daniel chuckled.


She whipped around to look at him. “What?”


“See that blonde in the green dress?” He pointed over her shoulder and she turned to look. “She’s been shooting daggers this way all night. Tono hasn’t looked at her once.”




“No? Walk over there and see what he does.”


Alexa shrugged. Why not? Petty jealousies were nothing new to her. Most of her life had been spent on the pageant circuit and while the organizers did their best to promote camaraderie between the contestants, girls would still be girls.


She tossed her hair from her face and sauntered to where Tono lounged on a stool at the end of the bar. She paused on the edge of the group, taking in his swarthy good looks. High cheekbones, deep set eyes, and olive skin made her long to be in a room alone and naked with him. Despite his athletic build, he supplemented his income as a model. Most women wanted to be with him because of his striking good looks; she wanted to be with him because he also held her heart.


Someone bumped her from behind and she squeezed into the group of women surrounding him. As she did something cold hit her left breast and soaked through her dress. The sticky sweet lemony scent of someone’s drink filled the air. She wrinkled her nose in disgust. Great. She'd just got this dress.


“Oh my bad.” The blonde in the green dress plastered a bright smile on her face.


“It is,” Alexa said.


Tono slipped off the stool and straightened the hem of the crisp white shirt he wore. Damn, he looked good. The women parted to accommodate his long, lean frame. He cupped Alexa's cheek, tilted her head, and dropped his mouth to hers.


His lips were cool and firm as they moved over hers. Alexa flattened her palms against his chest, yielding to the passion and desire in his kiss. He threaded his fingers through her hair, moving her head to give him better access to her mouth.


“Don’t worry, querida. She’s just jealous she can’t have me and you can,” he murmured against her lips. “Go clean up a bit and then we’ll get you out that dress.” He straightened and chuckled as the blonde huffed and stomped away.


“Are you sure about this?” She held his gaze.

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