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Seconds and Cents #MFRWauthor

Seconds and Cents #MFRWauthor

What if time and money were not an issue? This is like asking what would one do if one won the jackpot in the lottery. The possibilities. For me, time isn’t an issue. There’s enough time in the day to do the things needed or which I like to do. However, if I had enough money to do what I wanted . . .  


I would travel on a regular basis. at least once a month or every other month to see my family in Michigan.


My family would be provided for, and those who have issues handling finances would have their bills paid and receive a stipend.

I’d build a house.

Clean up my credit.


But that’s easy and simple. To provide a legacy I would advocate for better services for mental health. This isn’t just a reference to someone dealing with #depression, #anxiety, personality disorders, or the like, but to anyone who needs a mental health break. This could be the family of special needs children, single parents overwhelmed with life, active service members and/or their families dealing with yet another assignment or deployment, children and adults suffering from #PTSD arising from abuse, neglect, bullying, or any other trauma.


I’d also like to provide a safe place for transient or the homeless. In SWFL there is a high population of both.


There’s a church in Columbus, OH, Church for All People, that provides an interesting and unique outreach. It’s more than providing a hot meal. This church has managed to provide clothing, housing. medical services, including medication, as well as food for no cost to those who truly need it. If money and time were no issue, that’s would I would do. 


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What Had The Demigod Seen? #MFRWhooks

What Had The Demigod Seen? #MFRWhooks

“Once my father found me, I stayed in seclusion with one of the healers and a confidant.” Moctezuma continued as if nothing had happened. “I think that is the real reason my father wishes me to rule. He understands the suffering I’ve experienced and knows I will use my past to help others, to provide a more united front for our people and end the squabbling of who is better.” 


Huemac merely nodded. He would eradicate anyone who opposed him—not give peace a chance. Peace didn’t work. History had proven that time and time again. Peace merely prolonged the inevitable takeover by greedy disease-infested interlopers.


Still, he refrained from looking Moctezuma directly in the eye. The exchange had left him surprisingly shaken and he didn’t trust his voice not to quaver and betray his true emotions. Belatedly, he swore again. Metztli had done much of the same thing earlier, hadn’t she? Did the siblings share the same gift or was it just the force of their personalities?


Icy tendrils of fear crawled through his belly. No could know his plans.


“So you understand why this is so important? The last thing I want to do is be the harbinger of war.”


“Truly you do not believe that ancient prophecy?”


Moctezuma raised an elegant shoulder. “Just as the birth of Christ was foretold, so is war.”


Another long moment passed. Huemac was almost certain Moctezuma had seen the plot.


A servant, in a long flowing tunic and pale cotton pants the color of dry sand, hurried across the garden. As soon as he was within three feet of Moctezuma, he dropped to his knees and touched his forehead to the stones in front of the demigod’s feet. “Tecutli—Lord, your presence is needed before the priests.” Though muffled, the servant’s voice was clear and crisp.


Ehua—rise, Ichtaca.” Moctezuma said.


The servant did, but remained in a submissive posture, head bowed and hands clasped behind his back.


“Tell the priests I will arrive in due time. I am aware of the hour.”


Ichtaca bowed his head, backed away several paces before turning and leaving the garden.


Moctezuma glanced at the sky. The sun was still high in the cloudless blue sky, but it had passed its zenith. “I must see to my duties, Huemac. Perhaps before the ceremony, we can both shirk our duties for a time and go fishing.”


A real smile touched the corners of Huemac’s mouth. “Perhaps.”


Without another word, Moctezuma left the garden in a puff of green mist.


Huemac stared at the vacant spot with a mixture of contempt and fear. Just what had the demigod seen when he looked into Huemac’s eyes? 


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On A Dark Stormy Night #MFRWauthor

On A Dark Stormy Night #MFRWauthor

On A Dark Stormy Night - Lynn Chantale #MFRWauthorOnce upon a time, on a dark stormy night, you heard those words and knew you were in for an exhilarating and breathless adventure. Growing up, we used books to prolong bedtime and even classwork. I cried at the end of Old Yeller, cheered with the little boy in the Indian in the Cupboard, and laughed at Templeton’s antics in n Charlotte’s Web.


Everywhere I look one can see the influence of books if one looks hard enough. How many have heard the line, “is’ a sin to kill a Mockingbird,” or “the love of money is the root of all evil?” How about “the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting,” and one more “love is the greatest.”


After reading L. Frank Baum did you believe there was an Emerald City and a yellow brick road? Or perhaps J.M. Barrie hooked you into never growing up. My personal favorites were Judy Blume and I often wondered as Margaret did, “Are you there, God?”


A good book can stimulate the imagination, provide a respite from the traumas of reality, or spur you to take action.


Where would we be without Scout’s innocence and fortitude from Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ The wisdom and plea for a better humanity is Sun Tau’s ‘The Art of War.’ Then a book many of ancestors were taught how to read from ‘The Bible.’ So many of the lessons we share and cliches we have come from this great Book, including ‘The Golden Rule’ —do unto others. . .  


Everything I ever wanted to know I learned from a book. When I was too afraid to ask about sex, I went to the library and learned about foreplay, orgasms, and safe sex. When I wanted to know more about how my body worked, I found a book on women’s health. I became a caterer after reading Diane Mott Davidson’s books. and a romance author after reading Harlequin books. I love to read and prefer it over watching a movie or TV show. Books give a tidy, satisfying ending even when the reality is total chaos. How has reading influenced you? 



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