Music moves me, to laugh or sing or cry . . . is a line from a song I used to sing as a kid. This holds true today. I write by music and it varies depending on the mood I need to set. I’ve listened to Luther Vabdross’ If Only for One Night on repeat just to get the right sensual romantic setting for a scene in The Pick-Up Wife, or The mournful wail of a blues serenade to tug at the heartstrings in Seducing His Wife. 


Most of the time I used music with lyrics, now that my computer speaks to me, I prefer classical music or instrumentals. 


One group I could never write to was Earth, Wind, and Fire. There was just something about the groove of the group that put my muses to sleep. But, put on some Hollywood Undead, Marvin Gaye, Teddy  P, Keith Sweat or Alicia Keys and We’re typing to the beat. 


“Indulge Your Inner Romantic “



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