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Attracting Trouble #MFRWhooks

Alexa has always followed her heart, but when her feelings lead her to bed The Tag Team of Perfect Storm, well she’s in heaven, until another wrestler threatens the happy balance.

Tono and Daniel, known as Perfect Storm, don't mind sharing Alexa. In fact, they’ve embraced all the pleasure a threesome will bring. When a heel, Virgil, decides to interfere, well the guys will just have to show him why they're the champions.


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She cleaned the worst of the alcohol from her dress, thankful the garment was navy and not the cream-colored silk she’d planned to wear. Alexa fluffed her hair, reapplied the strawberry flavored lip gloss she favored, and exited the bathroom.


The corners of her mouth curved upward. Two sexy men couldn’t wait to get her out of her dress. Quite frankly, she yearned to be between their two hard bodies. She sucked in a breath as desire pulsed at her clit and moisture dampened her panties.


She quickened her steps, her heels clicking against the aged tile. Already she was thinking of a shower with the men. The heat of their mouths on her body while the warm spray pounded her flesh. Or maybe the whirlpool tub. A sigh slipped past her lips. Or maybe...


“Oh!” She bounced off a hard chest and stumbled a few paces back. “Sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going.”


A rough hand seized her arm, steadying her, but his grip lingered longer than necessary. “No problem. I wanted to run into you.”


Alexa snapped her gaze to the man’s face and groaned. Not him. Of all the people she could’ve run into, she'd collided with a lascivious jerk. “Yeah. Whatever.” She snatched her arm from his grasp.


“What’s the matter? Need a real man in your bed?” His words slurred a bit and she wrinkled her nose as she caught a whiff of the alcohol on his breath.


“Already have one.” She moved forward and he blocked her path. “Really?”


His brows knitted together and he pursed his lips. “You are such a stuck-up bitch.”


She hesitated. The malice in his voice caught her off-guard. “Wh-what?”


“You think I didn’t see you groping Lightning, and then Thunder shoves his tongue down your throat.” He looked her up and down a speculative gleam in his eyes. “So what’s the going rate for someone like you. One, two hundred bucks?”


If she’d had something to throw in his face she would have. Instead, she did the next best thing. His head snapped to the side as she laid the flat of her palm across his cheek. Her hand stung from the contact, but it was so worth the pain. The slap echoed above the momentary lull in music.


“Don’t you ever speak to me like that again,” she snapped and edged past him.


Virgil lunged for her and, before she could react, strong arms encircled her waist and moved her out of harm’s way. Daniel squeezed through the narrowed opening and shoved the other man back. Alexa stared up into Tono’s rugged face, dark with anger.


“I take my eyes off you for two seconds and you’reagain.”

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For A Moment He Was Falling #MFRWhooks

Huemac, a half-breed, covets ultimate power, but he needs two things—access to the royal family and an ancient artifact. He attains the former by seducing the Emperor’s sister, and then steals the latter.


Moctezuma, the newly crowned Emperor, comes from a long line of powerful gods known as Sin-Eaters. He desires peace among his people, but an ancient prophecy warns of war.


Huemac discovers the incantation to activate the fabled Athame of Souls, a mythical weapon capable of entrapping souls. His quest to rule is within his grasp. Only one thing stands in his way—Moctezuma.


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He leaned against the sill, peering into the distant water surrounding the island. Too bad he couldn’t smite them for their insolence. 


Dust rose from his grip as he leaned farther out the window. The impudent fools would rue the day they ever passed him over for their leader. Already preparations were being made to crown the rightful heir to the throne—a throne that would be his, if he bided his time.

“Huemac”—the soft, husky tone broke his reverie—“you seem so tense.” 


He hid a smirk as he turned. This goddess was his way in. For months he'd bedded her just to get close to her family—the ruling family. Her blood, her very sacrifice, would secure his position as ruler for centuries to come. 


“Keeping our relationship from your family continues to give me trouble.” He prevaricated as he glided toward the bed where Metztli lie.  



She giggled, a musical sound that grated his nerves. “’Tis only until the feast of coronation has concluded. Once that’s over, I will introduce you with all the fanfare due your position.” 


Truth rang in her words. What was the emotion pricking his conscience? It almost felt like guilt. He brushed it aside. He learned at an early age about naiveté. Metztli embodied that. As princess, she was shielded from the harshness of what her people really were. She was oblivious to how she was being played with just a hot time in bed and the false promises of love. 


He sat on the edge of the bed. His weight shifted her toward him and he brushed a lock of her sandy-brown hair back from her face.

She stared up at him expectantly, her light brown eyes alive with light.


“Not a moment later.” He acceded to her plea with a wry smile as he gazed into her eyes. For a moment he was falling forward into the caramel depths. With a jerk, he snapped back, then blinked to clear his head.


Metztli rubbed his thigh as if nothing had happened. “You are everything I’ve wanted,” she murmured.




He traced the distinctive Sin Eaters’ tattoo of an eagle perched on a cactus on the inside of her wrist before trailing ....



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Indulging Sin #MFRWhooks

Moses Hawke has loved Sin from the moment he laid eyes on her, but being with her cost him a good friend and valuable partnership.
Sin knows what Moses sacrificed to be with her and she’s willing to keep a few secrets of her own to maintain their peaceful existence.

Some things are not meant to be hidden and when all Sin’s transgressions become known, she’s left to wonder if Moses will still be there to protect her.


“Ten thousand dollars?” Moses Hawke dragged his fingers through his shoulder length hair. He resisted the urge to hurl his cellphone. This was not the news he wanted to hear from his accountant. “Explain to me how someone walks into the bank and leaves with ten grand. Of my money?”


“Well, I’m working on it.”


“I don’t want you working on it. I want it handled. There’s paperwork involved when you take out or deposit that amount of cash. I want to know who took my money. Those funds were earmarked for Saturday’s Back to the Bricks’ Slamfest. I want it back.”


“All right, Moses. I’ll wake the bank manager if I have to.”


“You’ll wake the bank president, Julius. I do a lot of business with that bank and they manage a great deal of my funds. If they can’t find who did this then tell them there are other financial institutions just begging for my business. Got that?”


Heavy breathing and faint scratching sounded through the line.


“And Julius?”




“You can be replaced.” Moses pressed “End” and tossed his phone on his desk. Just what he needed, more drama. First Virgil decides to attack his tag team’s woman and now this. Speaking of which, he needed to make sure the check was ready when that heel decided to drag his sorry ass in to get his money.


He raked his fingers through his already disheveled hair and huffed. What else could go wrong? Light taps rattled the frosted glass on the office door. About time. He bent over the desk to retrieve the folder containing the check and contract for Virgil.


“C’min,” Moses called.


The knob jangled and the hinges creaked. Perfume, a subtle blend of rose and citrus caressed his senses, tightened his groan and knotted his stomach. Definitely not Virgil. High heels clicked across the threshold, followed by the soft rustle of clothing.


No. This could not be happening to him tonight. She wasn’t supposed to be here. He closed his eyes and willed his body under control, but the sweet scent of her fragrance left him a little dizzy.

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