Secrets abound in Benson's Bakery. A crazed Santa wants something valuable hidden inside the building, and only two things stand in his way...Jake and Sara.

When Sara Henderson receives threatening letters just days before Christmas, she asks sexy bread baker Jake Benson for help. Jake is more than happy to provide the muscle to keep the beautiful cake decorator from harm, but he has an ulterior motive--to steal a kiss under the mistletoe. Sara wants that kiss as much as he does, but first they have a mystery to solve.

Will they find out who is stalking Sara, or will Santa succeed in stealing Christmas?

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Sara loved the ease of being with Jake. She held his arm, strolling down the snow-covered sidewalks after dinner. A few flakes fluttered to the ground and the crisp wind danced them across the slippery maroon bricks in the street. Dense green garlands wound around black wrought iron lamp posts. Bright emerald wreaths with big red velvet bows hung on buildings or in windows. Blinking multi-colored lights vied with streetlights and traffic. The city was dressed for Christmas.
When Sara sighed, Jake glanced at her. “You okay?”
“When is the last time you walked downtown Flint without being afraid?”
“Good question. Downtown Development Authority has increased its patrols.”
“They have. Downtown is probably the only place in the city that’s safe.”
He chuckled. “Right, right.”
Sara stumbled, instinctively reaching for Jake. He caught her arm and dragged her against his strong lean frame. She peered into his eyes, their faces inches apart. Her heart hammered at his nearness. “You have this incredible knack for coming to my rescue.”
“I never could resist a damsel in distress.”
“My hero.”
“You can’t look at me that way when you say things like that.”
She moved her hands to the front of his coat. “Why not?”
He brought his lips to hers, giving her the only answer she needed.

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