Daylight Savings came about in an effort to conserve energy sometime in the early 1900s.  At that time, I’m sure it was a radical and welcomed concept that people would be able to work longer in the spring and summer months and work a little less in the fall and winter. But what about now, when we have wind farms, solar panels, gas, and electricity? Is there still a need for Daylight Savings?


Not really. I could be a little biased since I live in Florida and enjoy the sunshine more than I did when I lived in Michigan. Yes, there was sun in the Mitten, but  it isn’t as bright and brilliant as The Sunshine State.


I always enjoyed being able to stay out later, the sun doesn’t set until about 8:30p or later in those summer months, versus the sun setting around 4p. We’d see darkness at 6 and think it’s time to go to bed.


It would be nice to not have to reset the clocks. Atomic clocks are wonderful and you don’t have to remember to set them. Florida has passed a law to remove the state from Daylight Savings and just waiting to have it approved.

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