Moses Hawke has loved Sin from the moment he laid eyes on her, but being with her cost him a good friend and valuable partnership.

Sin knows what Moses sacrificed to be with her and she’s willing to keep a few secrets of her own to maintain their peaceful existence.


Some things are not meant to be hidden and when all Sin’s transgressions become known, she’s left to wonder if Moses will still be there to protect her.


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“Not now, Madisin.”

“I can’t believe you. Is this how you repay our friendship?” BJ hurled the jewelry at his feet. “You turn her into one of your conquests?”


Moses gritted his teeth, aware that movement in the gym had ceased.


“What the hell have you done to my sister?”


He glanced at the broken chain on the floor, then at BJ. “You’re way out of line.”


BJ sneered and swung a large fist at his face. Moses blocked the blow with his left forearm and tossed a right hook to the other man’s jaw. BJ stumbled backward and Sin screamed.


“Don’t ever put your put your hands on her like that again.” Moses stalked toward him.


BJ rushed him, catching him around the middle. Both men went down, grappling for a hold. Moses made it to his feet first, his forearm wrapped around BJ’s neck in a side chokehold.


“I don’t want to do this with you, man. We’ve been friends for too long to let some bull come between us like this.”


The other man grunted. “You shouldn’t have slept with my sister.”


“She makes her own decisions.” Moses dragged him toward the now vacant ring and tossed him beneath the bottom rope. He quickly climbed onto the lip of the ring, grabbed the top rope and vaulted over it. He barely managed to duck the clothesline waiting for him.


They fell into an elbow and collar lock. Each man had a hand behind the other’s neck and gripped an elbow. Moses broke the hold first, grasping BJ’s wrist and twisting it behind his back. The man howled. He shoved him to one corner of the ring.


Moses stared his opponent in the eyes. “I love your sister, from the moment I laid eyes on her.” Still holding BJ’s arm, Moses backpedaled, bringing the other man with him and whipped forward, shoving him hard to aid his forward momentum.


At the last minute BJ turned, his back hitting the opposite corner, where he snapped off the ropes. Moses met him with a scoop slam. He bent at the knees, hooked one arm between the legs, held him over his head for two heartbeats, before releasing him and stepping away.


Thwack! The slam of a heavy body on a mildly soft surface reverberated through the room. Panting, BJ crawled to the ropes and hung out the side.


Moses tracked him across the ring. If BJ could come in here and try to dress him down in front of everyone, then he could take this ass whupping. He palmed his head. BJ tossed an elbow in his gut, driving him backward a few steps, then jumped to his feet.


He grabbed BJ’s shirt, ripping the sleeve. Moses spun behind the man, bent his knees and held BJ around the waist, back to chest. Moses bounced, lifting BJ to his shoulder, and fell backward.


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