Did you know you can make a cookie sheet from aluminum foil? OR who knew that pipe cleaners would be a craft item that everyone loves to twist and shape What is that saying about desperation being the mother of all invention? Or is it inspiration? Either way someone needed something that wasn’t available and that person made it, then shared it with others.

Planes, trains, boats, hammers, screws and nails. Even something as rudimentary as the wheel has been invented. We have mobile devices, coat hangers, robots that build cars, can assist or completely do some types of surgery, and my personal favorite chocolate. But what in the world can be invented that hasn’t been invented already?


A homework help bot . This would be a robot specifically designed to help a child with his/her homework. This is more than just a computer, it’s geared towards the child and the best way to approach learning. This was something my youngest son came up with when he was in middle school. He always had so much homework and I was unable to help with certain subjects because it had to be done in a particular way. I could get an answer, but it wasn’t the way his teacher showed him and it was not the way I was taught. After all, when I was in school, Pluto was a planet.


So to encourage him the best way I could I told him he could invent a robot that would help with homework and make learning not only fun but easier on all involved. Do you know how hard it is to remember the quadratic equation when it’s not something used everyday. The average person isn’t concerned about rise over run or 2a+b=c

Now if someone would invent a way to bring what’s directly in my brain to the page, writing would go so much faster.

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