An ancient sect of gods, known as Sin-Eaters, have one last chance to save humanity from an Emperor God bent on world domination. And it all begins with Gluttony.

Tialoc had one mission, find gluttony and return it to the tlazolli or sin box. He doesn’t expect to find the sin wrapped in a sexy chocolate-skinned woman or that she is his mate.

CJ accepts a trip to paradise to meet Tialoc. When an accident sidelines her before their first date, she’s hesitant to go at all. What she isn’t prepared for is the passion or love they share.

When their lovemaking has unexpected consequences, time is of the essence. Tialoc must convince CJ to embrace her destiny or lose him forever.



The door opened with a whisper. CJ formed a greeting, but no sound emerged from her throat. She sucked in a breath as a tall, broad-shouldered man seemed to take up the entire doorway entered.

This couldn’t be the same man from the dating service. When he sent her his picture via text, she could’ve sworn it had been digitally altered. Now, staring at the strong square jaw, full lips and piercing dark eyes, the photo had not done him justice. His ebony hair was on the long side and framed his face like a fallen angel or lost god. CJ had the overwhelming desire to run her fingers through his wavy locks.

He strolled forward calling attention to the fluid way he moved. The man was built. His short-sleeve white polo showed off his bronzed skin. He lifted a hand drawing her gaze to the ink wrapped around one bicep. She couldn’t quite make out the design, but she’d love an opportunity to find out.

“CJ. You should have called as soon as you arrived.”

She snapped her mouth closed. His voice was as sinful as his body, low, smooth and decadent. And his accent. She heaved a sigh, then realized where she was. With a gasp, she ran her fingers through her hair. The sweet little twisted updo she’d sported earlier was loose and lopsided. This was not how she wanted to meet Tialoc for the first time.

“I brought flowers.” He placed a bouquet of orchids and lilies in her lap. Their fingers touched and a jolt of awareness raced up her arm.

She met his gaze. Desire simmered in his obsidian depths. For a moment she had the sensation of falling as she stared into his eyes. Warmth and security wrapped around her as easily as a hug. She longed to stay there. Such emotion and passion, it embraced and enfolded. Anything seemed possible...

“You didn’t tell me he was so yummy.” Tessie breezed in a man in a suit close on her heels. She dropped the balloons clutched in her fist. “I tell you if I didn’t have Avery...”

CJ tore her attention from Tialoc to her best friend. “Yeah. Is there anyone you didn’t call?”

Tessie plopped on the window seat. “Your parents. I didn’t want to worry them.”

Worry them indeed. Her parents would’ve been on the first flight out and would’ve pestered her every step of the way. Suddenly having Tessie and her fiancé hovering didn’t seem like a bad idea, but there was another person in the equation.

Her gaze wandered to the hunk seated next to the bed. His long jean-clad legs were stretched in front of him and crossed at the ankles. The man was such perfection she yearned to see him naked, to trace the definition of each muscle with her fingertips and then her lips.

CJ gripped the sheet in her fists and heat flooded her cheeks, desire ignited in her veins. Shocked at her reaction she gulped a deep breath.

“So when are they going to release you?” This was from Avery.

CJ returned her attention to the couple seated on her right. “I’m uh not sure. A doctor came in to see me, but I’m not sure he was really here.”

Avery patted her hand. A rumble of thunder filtered through the air. All looked toward the window.

“And the weatherman said no rain,” Tessie quipped.

“What did the doctor look like, maybe we passed him in the hall,” Avery suggested.

CJ shrugged. What could it hurt? “Average height, dark hair, mean eyes.” She shuddered as she recalled the coldness she’d seen. “His eyes were really mean.”

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