Sometimes you have to read a lot of what you don’t like in order to learn what you do like. Most of you know I enjoy a good mystery, or some sort of suspense/thriller/horror. But I’m also into paranormal, occult and historical reads. I’ve even read a few gay/lesbian books. So what is outside my comfort zone?


Anything that is super gruesome, and just plain disgusting. For me that was reading about a character and her lover playing with feces and then smearing it on each other’s genitals And I think there was a scene in one of James Patterson’s books regarding a snake and milk


The first scene was just  no. And not to mention the health issues that could accompany playing in the poo, and smearing it where it doesn’t belong… Yeah, I know it’s fiction, but no. And the second scene,  was to show how depraved the villain was and how much he enjoyed torturing the women he captured.


There’s not too much that makes me squeamish as I like to test some of the rules in my writing. I’m sure there are plenty of scenes I’ve written there someone would react the same way.



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