Book 2 True Detective Series

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Revenge is his game, and Black Hemlock is willing to do anything to settle the score.
For years, Black Hemlock has been biding his time, sulking that bragging rights to a long ago cyber heist was snatched from him. Throw in betrayal and a broken heart, and he has the perfect motive for murder.
Once more True Detective Agency is called in to assist in finding the perpetrator, this time using Carson as bait. Fearless and capable, Carson has no problem going head-to-head with a killer with a penchant for poison.
As the trio delves into the lives and deaths of the victims, a buried secret could destroy them all.


Erotic Romantic Suspense includes elements of BDSM, explicit language, some violence and explicit descriptions of sex.


Billy Brown knew he was dying. Not from a chronic illness or a sudden tragic tumor, but from poison. There was no cure for the poison he’d been given, so he’d have to make the most of his last few minutes on Earth.

Footsteps and laughter trailed behind him, and he quickened his already sluggish pace. He just needed to get to a computer. He couldn’t die without his death meaning something. He had to warn the others.

Billy had long since ditched his thick glasses for Lasik and contacts. The years between college graduation and a spectacular software development career had given him more confidence in his life. And all of that had been made possible by what they’d done at the beginning of their senior year.

Now it was coming for its pound of flesh.

Had he done something in the ensuing years to give away who he was to Lazarus? He hadn’t known any of his co-conspirators. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. Even though they’d worn masks, he’d been able to identify the others. Is that what Lazarus had done? Figured out who each of them were?

How could something they’d gotten away with years ago kill him? How could avenging the dead kill him?

No. One person. Lazarus. Billy hadn’t liked Lazarus when they were in school and liked him even less now. Who holds a grudge for this long? Lazarus had been paid for his time, no matter how poor his work had been. Lazarus had gotten paid same as the rest of them. Even though Lazarus didn’t understand or appreciate why the heist was committed in the first place.

And now Lazarus had killed him with a poison.

“Come out and play, Wicked,” Lazarus taunted. “You’re not being a good play partner.” The ensuing jibe brought Billy up short.

Of all the things for Lazarus to pervert, it would be His love of bondage. Billy stared at the trailing ends of rope a moment. Another hollow crack spurred him forward.

Billy shuffled into the office, closed and locked the door. He stumbled to the desk and flopped in the chair.

The monitor blurred, while his heart threatened to beat right through his ribs. He couldn’t feel his toes anymore, and now his nose was running. He swiped at the moisture and stared at the smear in confusion.

He was bleeding.

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