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Seconds and Cents #MFRWauthor

What if time and money were not an issue? This is like asking what would one do if one won the jackpot in the lottery. The possibilities. For me, time isn’t an issue. There’s enough time in the day to do the things needed or which I like to do. However, if I had enough money to do what I wanted . . .  


I would travel on a regular basis. at least once a month or every other month to see my family in Michigan.


My family would be provided for, and those who have issues handling finances would have their bills paid and receive a stipend.

I’d build a house.

Clean up my credit.


But that’s easy and simple. To provide a legacy I would advocate for better services for mental health. This isn’t just a reference to someone dealing with #depression, #anxiety, personality disorders, or the like, but to anyone who needs a mental health break. This could be the family of special needs children, single parents overwhelmed with life, active service members and/or their families dealing with yet another assignment or deployment, children and adults suffering from #PTSD arising from abuse, neglect, bullying, or any other trauma.


I’d also like to provide a safe place for transient or the homeless. In SWFL there is a high population of both.


There’s a church in Columbus, OH, Church for All People, that provides an interesting and unique outreach. It’s more than providing a hot meal. This church has managed to provide clothing, housing. medical services, including medication, as well as food for no cost to those who truly need it. If money and time were no issue, that’s would I would do. 


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On A Dark Stormy Night - Lynn Chantale #MFRWauthor

On A Dark Stormy Night #MFRWauthor

On A Dark Stormy Night - Lynn Chantale #MFRWauthorOnce upon a time, on a dark stormy night, you heard those words and knew you were in for an exhilarating and breathless adventure. Growing up, we used books to prolong bedtime and even classwork. I cried at the end of Old Yeller, cheered with the little boy in the Indian in the Cupboard, and laughed at Templeton’s antics in n Charlotte’s Web.


Everywhere I look one can see the influence of books if one looks hard enough. How many have heard the line, “is’ a sin to kill a Mockingbird,” or “the love of money is the root of all evil?” How about “the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting,” and one more “love is the greatest.”


After reading L. Frank Baum did you believe there was an Emerald City and a yellow brick road? Or perhaps J.M. Barrie hooked you into never growing up. My personal favorites were Judy Blume and I often wondered as Margaret did, “Are you there, God?”


A good book can stimulate the imagination, provide a respite from the traumas of reality, or spur you to take action.


Where would we be without Scout’s innocence and fortitude from Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ The wisdom and plea for a better humanity is Sun Tau’s ‘The Art of War.’ Then a book many of ancestors were taught how to read from ‘The Bible.’ So many of the lessons we share and cliches we have come from this great Book, including ‘The Golden Rule’ —do unto others. . .  


Everything I ever wanted to know I learned from a book. When I was too afraid to ask about sex, I went to the library and learned about foreplay, orgasms, and safe sex. When I wanted to know more about how my body worked, I found a book on women’s health. I became a caterer after reading Diane Mott Davidson’s books. and a romance author after reading Harlequin books. I love to read and prefer it over watching a movie or TV show. Books give a tidy, satisfying ending even when the reality is total chaos. How has reading influenced you? 



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Keep Learning And Exploring | Lynn Chantale

Keep Learning and Exploring

“Come here and let me tell you something.” How many times have you heard that?? When I got serious about publishing, which was in the late 90’s early 2000’s, there wasn’t a lot of readily available information. I had no idea there were publications specifically for writers and ‘how to’ guides. The best thing I knew was to send a letter to the address printed on the front matter of my favorite books.


One of the first pieces of advice I received was to find a critique or crit partner. (*gulp*, you mean, I have to let someone else read my work?) So, I found one and sent them a chapter. Annnnd . . . didn’t read their comments. Why not? Yep, you guessed it, I was terrified of what they would say.


So, I found a publisher who hosted chats on a weekly basis and joined their crit group. As I gained confidence with chatting with published authors and unpublished writers, I took the plunge and submitted a chapter to the host critique group. There I met some awesome ladies who helped me polish my writing. Yes, this time I swallowed hard and read the comments that these two ladies sent me.


They were not unkind. In fact, they greatly encouraged and praised me.


The second piece of advice I received, “Go hawt.” Or as the books call it, writing blue. Readers know it as erotic or super steamy romance, or if you’re my sister ‘Letters to Penthouse.’ I think the name of the reference books I used were: ‘How to Write Erotica’ and ‘So You Want to be a Romance Writer’. And of course, Google was and is my friend.


The third piece of advice I received was to market and build my brand. Even as a yet unpublished writer, get yourself out there. Have a catchy tagline and use it. Let readers know what you’re about, tell them what type of writer you are. I built my brand around African-American, Interracial and Multicultural romance with sub-genres in mystery/suspense, paranormal and erotic romance.


The advice I would give is based on what I’ve learned, and the advice given.

First, Do NOT read the reviews, unless you have extremely thick skin, and even then, I’d advise no. The first review I ever received was negative. The reader absolutely trashed my book. Even after all these years, I can still remember being devastated that someone could be so mean. It’s different when the criticism is constructive but when it’s downright mean, it hurts.


Second, learn as much of your craft as possible and then learn some more. Writing is an ever-changing medium and what was learned five years ago, may not pertain to now. So, keep learning and exploring. And if you find a formula that works for you, stick with it.


And the final piece of advice I’ll give is to have fun. Writing may be a solitary act, but the process is not. Enjoy the research, meet new people, revel in the newness of each character and the experience they bring to the page.


So, come on, sit down and tell me a little something and I’ll do the same.


“Indulge Your Inner Romantic”


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