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Nightmare Date #MFRWauthor


Picture this, a beautiful sunny day. Few clouds are in the sky, a nice breeze is blowing, and the temperature is just right for a knee-length sundress. You’re with the one you love and you’re headed to one of your fave restaurants to meet with the other person in our little polycule.


Conversation is light and easy. Lots of laughter, or is it just to mask the tension hovering between him and her?


The bill has been paid and the real conversation begins…the crux? He wants a divorce so he can marry her.


That’s how a perfect date can become a nightmare. No real warning for either party just his decision to get rid of one in preference for another.


Since that date, I’ve ventured on many other dates and the worst that’s happened has been a no show. While I like dating, I’m not a fan of online dating. Entirely too much work needs to go into weeding out bots, sex fiends, and just plain idiots. Then again, I don’t think any of the online dates  I’ve made will ever come close to that nightmare date.



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No Passport Required

With so many places to go in the world it’s difficult to decide on just one place. My fantasy vacation would involve touring the United States. I know it’s not the foreign and exotic places of moors, the Eiffel Tower and the Vatican, but so many places have a rich history of their own.


We have majestic mountains, volcanoes — active and inactive,— deserts, swamps and caves and caverns.


One of my favorite places to visit is New York. As a visually impaired person, I found the city to be fantastic on the senses. The city has smells, sounds, energy and yes you can even taste it. Did you know you can spend days underground and totally forget you’re underground?


Then there’s my home state of Michigan. My hometown was the site of the sit-down strike, while  other cities were stops on the Underground Railroad on the way to Canada and freedom. Did you know Sojourner Truth is buried in a cemetery in Battle Creek? And the Creek is more than just Kellogg country.


There’s a museum in Arkansas where one can mine diamonds. Yes, and if you find one you get to keep it. There’s the St. Louis Arch and BBQ, The Coca-Cola factory and Museum in ATL. A fantastic stone slide in Cincinnati, OH. Let’s not forget the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, or The Weiner Circle. How about a  nickel on the yo in the Bellagio and then go for dinner in its Buffet.


Don’t forget all the little nooks and crannies, like the beautiful Duke gardens and Duke University. And yes, even in my current state of Florida, I enjoy seeing the Manatees.


Who needs Europe or Africa when all you have to do is travel around your own backyard.


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Give Thanks #MFRWauthor

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us. Visions of Turkey, dressing. yams and green bean casserole come to mind, and don’t forget the picture perfect pumpkin pie. This is the day we dress up, sit around an antique lace tablecloth, with some long dead relative china adorning the properly set table.


No? That’s not your Thanksgiving? Mine either. Break out the paper plates, plastic silverware, cups and napkins. The tablecloth could either be a linen actually designed for that task or a freshly laundered bedsheet. Don’t look at me like that, you know you’ve done that too. So set out the oxtails, Cornish hens, ham, dressing, mac n cheese, greens and whatever else comes to mind. Wear your stretchy pants and prepare to give thanks.


Why give thanks? How about showing appreciation for what you have and not taking the people you have in your life for granted.


Because no matter how much I dislike certain members of my family, they are my family.


I could be homeless.


Without family, or friends.

I could be terminally ill.

Locked up.

In a mental hospital.

I could be dead


And the list could go on and on. There’s nothing wrong with turning off the TV, silencing your cell phones, and showing appreciation for those around you. Life is short. Stop and give thanks.

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