An ancient sect of gods, known as Sin-Eaters, have one last chance to save humanity from an Emperor God bent on world domination. And it all begins with Gluttony.

Tialoc had one mission, find gluttony and return it to the tlazolli or sin box. He doesn’t expect to find the sin wrapped in a sexy chocolate-skinned woman or that she is his mate.

CJ accepts a trip to paradise to meet Tialoc. When an accident sidelines her before their first date, she’s hesitant to go at all. What she isn’t prepared for is the passion or love they share.

When their lovemaking has unexpected consequences, time is of the essence. Tialoc must convince CJ to embrace her destiny or lose him forever.


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Tialoc scanned the room, spying Moctezuma in the corner. He’d have to read the inscription on the box before he could open it, giving Tialoc time, but first, he had to get some room. He sheathed his sword, lifted his arms to the sky; a rumble of thunder filled the space and the floor rolled, knocking several guards off-balance. Hairs raised on Tialoc’s arms and the back of his neck before a lightning bolt flared.

Screams rent the air as several guards fell.

“Show off.”

Tialoc grinned and ran toward Moctezuma, shooting short bursts of electricity from his fingertips.

The Emperor God lifted a hand and the sparks disappeared with a sizzle. “Don’t waste my time with parlor tricks.” Moctezuma reached in a pouch at his waist then blew a powdery substance in Tialoc’s direction. “That should keep you busy.”

Tialoc backpedaled as a large scaly creature materialized in front of him. The creature stood three houses high. Its large eyes blinked and zeroed in on Tialoc with deadly precision. He studied the creature; the thing didn’t seem to have a vulnerable spot on its armored body. The triangular-shaped head sported spiked horns and great rows of razor-sharp teeth. Smoke billowed from its nostrils when they flared. The monster lifted a taloned foot. Tialoc jumped back as the animal stomped the very place he’d been standing.

The Pantheon shook with the force. Cracks spidered from the deep imprint left behind.

“This the best you got?” Tialoc scoffed. “A smoking, stomping lizard?”

“Where there’s smoke...”

The lizard opened its terrible mouth and roared. A hiccough later, flames shot out like tendrils of death into the room.

“Take cover!” Tialoc screamed.

Fire raced above his head, heating his armor as he dove behind a pillar. Shrieks from those not fortunate or fast enough to heed his warning were cut short. He didn’t have time to assess the damage. He had to get to Moctezuma before he opened that damn box. Let Xochiti deal with the lizard.



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