Wrath: The fury of Wrath could destroy them all. (Sin-Eaters) by @LynnChantale


The Fury of Wrath may undo them all.
Xochiti has a mate he wasn’t ready to claim. Now that Wrath has found her, he must make a decision. Claim her or watch the rage consume her.
Scorned, the last thing Selma wants is a commitment. However, denying Xochiti has always been a problem and now that he knows her secret, the Fury of Wrath may be the undoing of them all.


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The children exchanged anxious glances as they looked around the foyer. Xochiti couldn’t blame them—he felt the solid pull as well. Selma was nearby. They walked farther in the house. Loud pounding on the door had Julia emitting a small shriek.

Gage turned toward the door and huffed.

“What is it?”


“Fine. You two take care of that and I will see if your mother is in her room.”

They nodded and Xochiti continued down the hall, checking each room as he went. Nothing had been disturbed in the dining room or the kitchen.

“Where have you two been?” came the demand from a tenor male voice.

Xochiti listened a moment, to be sure the twins were okay.

“We were out with our mother,” this was from Julia.

“What do you want?” Even to Xochiti’s ears, Gage sounded gruff and condescending.

“Boy, you’ll show me some respect.”

“Like you did our mother?”


“What do you want?”

“My wedding is tomorrow. I want the both of you standing at my side.”

Xochiti paused in descending the stairs. A wedding wouldn’t be good news. And someone still had to tell Andre that Julia and Gage were not his. He continued down the stairs and crossed the threshold into Selma’s room.

Relief washed through him, making his limbs weak and rubbery. On the bed was his mate. He approached, and she stirred, lifted her head. She focused on him. A faint smile touched her lips before it fell and a scowl replaced it. He hesitated.


She came to her knees and extended her hand. A ball of fire launched toward him. He caught it in his palm and closed his fingers around it.

“How could you?” Anguish and betrayal filled her voice.

Xochiti held out his hands palms up and took a cautious step forward. “What did I do?”

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