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Five-Minute Friend #MFRWauthor

How was your day? Not what you were expecting? That’s okay. Tell me what you enjoy seeing in a book.


Several years ago, I attended my very first writer’s conference. You know, one of the big ones with NYTimes bestselling authors on the roster, the kind of place where an indie author gets pushed to the back of the room. Yeah, one of those. Let’s just say it was an enlightening experience. It taught me the value of a reader.


Readers love to read and more importantly, they love to share what they’ve read with other readers. While chatting with one of the readers, she mentioned that she only reads M/M romances. I was going to let it go at that, but I couldn’t. I asked her what was the appeal for her. Her answer was that the characters and situations were real.


Ding! Ding! Ding! Flashing lights, balloons and confetti descend from the sky.


I could’ve pushed and boasted about my books, but going that route wouldn’t have granted me a five-minute friend.


What’s a five-minute friend?


It’s someone you’ve taken the time to know how they’re doing, what they’re looking for, or if they are having any issues. I first heard this term from my son when he did sales at a previous job. but the principles apply for marketing as well.


Establish a rapport with the reader.


Instead of bragging about Lynn Chantale, ‘The Queen of Sensuality’ I took the time to find out what a reader likes and wants in a story. It didn’t matter that it was M/M. what did matter was WHY she liked reading the genre. Had I not taken the time to build a relationship, which marketing is all about, I’d have lost some valuable knowledge and a potential reader.


Next time, instead of jumping in with how great the story is, try getting to know the reader. You’ll be surprised at what can be built with a five-minute friend.

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Prelude to a Plot #MFRWAuthor

Prologue – a separate introductory section of a literary or musical work. Now that we got that Google definition out the way, when do you really see a prologue? At the beginning of the story, of course. 🙂 


Writers use this tool across multiple mediums. In movies and television, it’s called a teaser. In fiction, it’s a prologue. It’s that bit of information that’s shown to whet the imagination. One of my favorite movies The Mummy’, opens with a dark priest, forbidden love, betrayal, murder and retribution. The Magi guard the tomb of tee dark priest to make sure he’s never resurrected.


Clive Cussler employs the prologue in many, if not all, of his novels. One that stands out for me is ‘The Silent Sea,’ where five brothers explore a rumored treasure pit and only four return home.


I use the prologue in my writing. It’s a useful tool to set up the rest of the story. Why? Hopefully, the prologue will have the reader asking how does this tie into the rest of the story? Or what’s so important about this tidbit of information? 


In The Mummy, it was the catalyst for Evie to prove she’s worthy as a scholar and archeologist. In ‘The Silent Sea, Chairman Juan Cabrillo of the spy ship Oregon to foil a plot to world domination. 


I like prologues because it can give backstory without having to use flashbacks or a lot of ‘telling’. The write can ‘show’ the reader instead. A prologue isn’t necessary, but it is a useful tool. 


“Indulge Your Inner Romantic” 



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The Sister Code #MFRWauthor

Ride or die. We’ve all heard this phrase. I keep to myself, don’t bother anybody, am a practical, goofy type of person. Some may even say I’m a tad stuck up or stand-offish. I Like to keep things simple. I’m girly as my sister calls it since I’m into all the pink and glitter and sparkle type stuff. My sister gets me. She’s just one member of the family that understands and appreciates me for me. She’s younger than I am, but she possesses wisdom well beyond her years. She’s seen me at my absolute worst and has kept her cool, (think mental hospital) and she’s seen me at my absolute best (you got rid of those photos from the cruise, right?).


When my life is falling apart, (Captain Save-a-ho is at it again) she’s the one I call. She’s one of the first people who gets the good news, (first book sale) and one of the first to get the bad news (It’s final).


If I tell her it’s one of “those” days. She’ll say something to make me laugh or encourage me. There have been some major changes in my life lately, which has produced a fair amount of cynicism from me regarding marriage and relationships. She knows not to expect a Pollyanna response from me, and my honest opinion is best served with a grain of salt. She accepts and understands that.


And vice versa. I can hear the weariness in my sister’s voice. She hasn’t had a vacay in a while, at least not one where she doesn’t have to worry about everyone else. It’s time for me to spirit her away and let her decompress for a few days. She is, after all, a wife, mother, entrepreneur, holds a full-time job. In other words’ superhero. She puts up with me. Or maybe that just makes her a saint.


“Indulge Your Inner Romance”


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