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Cassie's Birthday Wish by Lynn Chantale

Would you do anything? #MFRWhooks

Cassie loves Cole and cherishes her relationship with the sexy rancher, but her heart also yearns for, Seth, the ranch manager.

Cole has held Cassie’s heart for a very long time, and will do anything to keep her happy. But will a threesome with Seth be too much?



Cassie Rivers stared out the office window with a sigh. Just in the distance, beyond the creaky wooden steps of the back porch, right at the edge of her vegetable garden, Seth Carson, pushed a mower. She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and held her breath as Seth pulled his sweat soaked t-shirt over his head and draped it over the handle of the mower.

Thick corded muscles rippled in his arms when he resumed cutting the grass. This wasn’t the first time Cassie watched — or rather lusted after the sexy ranch manager. It reminded her of the first time she saw him, six months prior. Cole hired him, while she was away for a weekend of relaxation. She hadn’t expected an instant attraction to the man, or that he would fit so nicely into their lives.

He had chocolate brown curls,  that were now slicked to his head and a tanned torso that made her long to be held in his embrace.


The bottom half of him was drool worthy as well. Faded denim hugged powerful legs and thighs. She envied how the fabric was able to caress his hard buttocks. Seth turned, and as if knowing she were watching, lifted a hand in greeting.


She had her own work that needed tending, a stack of receipts and invoices that had to be reconciled and paid. She let the curtain drop back in place.


Cassie turned and screamed.


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Pass the Chocolate, Please. Lynn Chantale #MFRWauthor

Pass the Chocolate, Please. #LynnChantale #MFRWauthor

Pass the Chocolate, Please. Lynn Chantale #MFRWauthor Pass the bag of Nestle Crunch and those Famous Amos cookies please. Or maybe a pint of Ben& Jerry’s Everything but the . . . ice cream and a dozen of mini cupcakes. These are my go-to’s when I stress eat. 


Why? It’s vert simple, the sugar rush makes me feel better. However, I know this isn’t good for me. (even though it tastes really good) 


As a way to combat my stress eating, I exercise 4-5 times a week, up to 3 hours each time. As I am a snacker or grazer during the day, I switched to heather items like almonds, carrots, bananas, apples celery, grapes, plums and occasionally popcorn. I could’ve just said healthier snacks, but what’s the fun in that? 


One of my stressors is life changes. Anything that is going to provoke an intense emotional response, like moving, family reunions, or natural disasters will send me to the store for comfort food.


Breathe. A better way to handle life’s little changes is breathing. Deep breathing for 60 seconds reminds the body that you’re alive and in control. For one minute all you have to do is breathe.


Knitting. Not only is this soothing, but it keeps my hands busy. You can’t eat if your hands are full. lol. Besides, it’s something productive and I’ve made plenty of scarves, hats, and blankets for loved ones.


Water. Yes, good ol’ fashioned H2O. Often dehydration can be the culprit of stress. Not sure if you’re drinking enough, try drinking half your body weight in ounces and see if you feel better.


Exercise. This one is huge for me. Not only has this helped reduce my stress level, but it boosts my mood. And as I’ve gotten serious about shedding the extra pounds my energy level is up and my self-image is through the roof. I’m sexy and I know it


Baking. I know this one may seem counterproductive, especially as a way to not stress eat, but I love to bake. Often i do it just because it’s so relaxing. Where else can you pummel dough and still have something good to show for it?


I’ve given you a few tried and sure methods which work for me. What are some of your go-to’s to avoid stress eating? 


“Indulge In Your Inner Romantic”


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Clutter Me This

The difference between hoarding and collecting are three things I collect on a regular basis; socks, ink pens, and hotel keycards.  The pens get left or lost with the same frequency with which they are purchased. Same goes for the socks. Although I think the washer eats those most of the time. As for the keycards, they’re in a box. Not a very big box, but in a box with other mementos. So at what point could or would be considered hoarding?


If every available surface of my home contained a sock, pen, or keycard and I maintained an irrational attachment to the items.


One definition of hoarding, according to the Mayo Clinic, – is a persistent difficulty in discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them  A person with hoarding disorder will experience actual stress when faced with throwing away any items, regardless of value.


Shows like ‘Hoarders’ and ‘Who Wants a Clean HOuse’ helped to bring this psychological disorder to light. I’m sure you know someone who claims tire “collection” of soda pop bottle caps and bent paper clips are the most valuable thing ever and have a meltdown when you clean up, or even mention throwing away their trash.


Collecting on the other hand, is done with the purpose of enjoyment, bragging rights, or profit.  Coins, stamps, baseball cards, and paintings come to mind when collection is mentioned. Many times the owner of those items look to trade, or sell these valuable items, but do not maintain more than a cursory attachment to the items.


Getting rid of an old sock, a busted pen, or a tattered keycard will not send me into a n anxiety attack. Now if you touch my stash of chocolate…well that’s a different story.

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