An ancient sect of gods, known as Sin-Eaters, have one last chance to save humanity from an Emperor God bent on world domination. And it all begins with Gluttony.

Tialoc had one mission, find gluttony and return it to the tlazolli or sin box. He doesn’t expect to find the sin wrapped in a sexy chocolate-skinned woman or that she is his mate.

CJ accepts a trip to paradise to meet Tialoc. When an accident sidelines her before their first date, she’s hesitant to go at all. What she isn’t prepared for is the passion or love they share.

When their lovemaking has unexpected consequences, time is of the essence. Tialoc must convince CJ to embrace her destiny or lose him forever.



Tialoc turned from the window. With a quick glance at the bed to assure him that CJ still slept, he ushered Izel from the room but stood in the door so he could watch CJ.

“Moctezuma came to visit her.”

The goddess’ eyes widened. “Does she know who he is? Or who you are?”

He shook his head. “She thinks I’m a guy she met online.”

“Sneaky. I like that.” Izel tilted her head to the side. “Did he say anything?”

“He pretended to be a doctor.”

Izel tipped her head back. “What do you want me to do?”

“She will need some help when she is discharged and if Emperor God is visiting her, she will need protection when I am not around.”

“Why are you so stuck on this one woman? Do not get me wrong, she is absolutely beautiful, but if she cannot protect herself from Emperor God, why would you want her?”

“She is my mate.”

Izel leaned forward and to the side. Tialoc followed her gaze. “But she is so small.”

“And that means?”

She dragged her gaze back. “I meant no disrespect. She just seems small for a human.”


“Fine. I am just saying. Whatever you need, I will be there for her.” She bowed her head, crossed her right arm, fist closed to her shoulder in a salute. With a blink, she disappeared in a puff of pink smoke.

The goddess always knew how to make an exit. Tialoc stepped back into the room and sat in the chair next to the bed. He leaned forward. With the back of his finger, he caressed her cheek. CJ sighed, her warm breath tickled the hairs on his knuckles, and she moved closer to his touch. Never had he felt skin so soft. It reminded him of the orchids that used to populate the jungles, now so rare they could be considered extinct. Yet with each stroke, he realized there was no comparison. CJ’s skin was much softer.

He reached over and grabbed the roll from the tray. How the hell was he going to get rid of this sin if he couldn’t stop eating? What more did he have to do? He found his mate; shouldn’t his appetite dwindle?

Tialoc stared at the half-eaten bread. Had it been so long that he’d forgotten? The only way to get the sin from her was to break bread and she had to do it willingly.

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