Samson “Stx” Denver had a fabulous life until a careless mistake robs him of his sight. 

Angry and bitter, the last thing Stx wants is a relationship. No matter how much he shoves away the woman with the siren’s voice, the more she gets in his head and heart.

August “Sol” River knows what it’s like to have one’s world rip apart. She, too, is visually impaired, but she has to put away her personal feelings in order to raise a child that isn’t hers.

The heart wants what the heart wants. Neither can deny the attraction or love, but will their love be enough to overcome their personal challenges?

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“I like your style,” Samson said.
“You don’t even know me,” she scoffed.
There was that laugh again. Slow, sensual, and teasing. She knew that laugh. Knew the voice. No, it couldn’t be. She stepped back, but the man followed. The way he stood in her personal bubble spoke of familiarity. His clean, crisp scent and the slow slide of his fingers on her forearm brought back memories long forgotten. Memories of a stolen kiss between classes. Sharing an ice cream cone beneath the bleachers. The first time she gave herself to him. She slammed the lid on that memory and stepped away from his gentle caress.
“Samson?” she whispered, unable to speak any louder.
“And here I thought you’d totally forgotten me.”
She closed her eyes as his warm breath tickled her ear. She had never forgotten her first. Samson was a lot of firsts for her. The most significant being the first boy she ever had sex with. Desire and need sizzled through her system. Could what they did so long ago be called sex? She didn’t think so. They’d been stupid kids, and she’d pledged her heart to him. What had she known about love at 16?
“I never forgot you.”
He pressed closer, his body warm, hard, and strong against her softer one. “Do you remember the first time I saw you? You were singing then too.”

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