We’ve all received gifts we have graciously accepted and either exchanged or regifted. As the season of gift giving is upon us, how do we give a gift that is personal? IF you do a secret santa or whatever your place of employment may call it there’s usually a handy-dandy list accompanied with the person for whom the gift is meant, but what if you don’t have a list?

One rule of thumb is to give a gift you would like. Even if you have some inkling of what the person may like. Observing how they dress, the music they listen to, or maybe you’ve noticed they like dangly earrings. Even someone who absolutely cannot function without their morning caffeine would appreciate a travel mug with their names or refills at their favorite shop du jour.

Another rule I use is to keep the gift practical. You may not want to buy socks, and underwear for your boss or gasp ex-MIL, but a well chosen ink pen, or gardening tool set could be a thoughtful gift.


What about gift cards? This will depend on the person. If you know the person has everything, yes, give them a gift card to their favorite store.


Just ask and then listen. Some of the most personal gifts I’ve received over the years are items I mentioned in passing. like Comforters, small appliances, cake decorating implements and the like.


Make something. If you’re handy with the arts and crafts, this can go a long way to brightening a person’s holiday. A handmade scarf, quilt, candles, perfumes, etc. gives the recipient a special knowledge that the gift was made just for them.


And if all else fails, give cash. That’s personal, right? 😉


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