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True Revenge

True Detective Agency - True Revenge by Lynn Chantale


Still grieving the loss of a loved one, True Detective Agency prepares for a joyous event, the birth of Nathalie’s babies.

With Nathalie on bedrest, personnel shortages at the agency and the holidays looming, Matt and Nathalie are doing their best just to get by.

However, when they are photographed at the gravesite and said photographer ends up dead in their parking lot, it will take every ounce of cunning to outwit an enemy bent on revenge.


*Contains explicit descriptions of sex, violence, and strong language. Also may trigger some readers for themes of BDSM, M/M, M?F and use of the 'N' word.

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Mattia Bianchi couldn’t believe a man he respected, regarded as a friend, was dead. He
adjusted the dark knit cap over his long dreadlocks and shifted to block a sudden gust of frigid
winter air. Beside him his partner and love, Nathalie Varner shivered and wept . He fussed with
her scarf, then her coat, lingering on the huge bulge of her belly. Movement skimmed his gloved
hand, and he stood in awe at the lives stirring inside her. Lives he would never see.
He looked over Nathalie’s head to an older man also in a long wool coat and fedora. “Maybe
take her to the car. The temp is dropping, and she’s been on her feet long enough,” Matt
Nathalie grabbed his sleeve. “I’m not leaving until— Oh!” She gasped as she was lifted off her
feet and cradled in strong arms. She punched at his shoulder. “Put me down! He’s dead
because of me.”
Her sob shredded his heart. Matt adjusted his hold as she wiggled in his arms. “Be still or I’m
going to drop you,” he warned.

“You’re not even going to deny I’m the reason he’s dead.” She rested her wet face against his
“Truck is warm and waiting,” velvet smoke stated as he passed.
Matt grunted acknowledgement. “You know as well as I do, the bank robbers are the ones
responsible for his death. Not you.” Snow crunched underfoot. “Besides, he thought you were
someone else. Not you.”
“Let me get the door,” Sterling offered. He had the door on the SUV open before Matt arrived.
“Thanks,” he muttered, sliding Nathalie onto the heated seat. He cupped her face, leaning his
forehead to hers. “Nobody blames you for what happened. We couldn’t have predicted they
were really after money and using the safety deposit boxes as cover.”
“That doesn’t make him any less dead,” she whimpered.

Book 1

In a small town, in a popular bar, beautiful women disappear. This could just be a coincidence, but private investigators, Carson, Matt and Nathalie don’t believe in them. So they go undercover.

However, when one of the missing women turns up dead, the trio is disturbed to learn the woman bore a striking resemblance to Nathalie; they increase their efforts. When Nathalie disappears from the same bar, Carson and Matt will do anything to find her.

*Contains explicit descriptions of sex, strong language, and descriptions of violence.*



Book 2

Revenge is his game, and Black Hemlock is willing to do anything to settle the score.
For years, Black Hemlock has been biding his time, sulking that bragging rights to a long ago cyber heist was snatched from him. Throw in betrayal and a broken heart, and he has the perfect motive for murder.
Once more True Detective Agency is called in to assist in finding the perpetrator, this time using Carson as bait. Fearless and capable, Carson has no problem going head-to-head with a killer with a penchant for poison.
As the trio delves into the lives and deaths of the victims, a buried secret could destroy them all.


Erotic Romantic Suspense includes elements of BDSM, explicit language, some violence and explicit descriptions of sex.



Book 3

Family is everything.

No one knows that better than Carson, Matt and Nathalie. Through trials, and hardships, unwavering love and devotion, they’ve built a solid family unit. But Matt longs for a reunion with his estranged family.

A family in need.

In spite of the pain his sister put him through, Matt agrees to help his sister with a potentially ugly custody battle. Meanwhile Carson struggles to keep both Matt and Nathalie safe from Black Hemlock and anew more potential dangerous foe.

With every family there are secrets and hidden truths and buried lies. And lies, even those of omission, can destroy.


Contains strong language, violence, and explicit descriptions of sex. Contains BDSM elements. Also contains sensitive material which may trigger some readers.

Book 4


A dead body, two stowaways, and a missing mom is not the vacation Carson and Matt envisioned. Rekindling romance will have to wait while the men track down the mom of their two young stowaways.

Back home, Nathalie is determined to help her father who is being coerced into participating in a bank heist.

Throw in a couple of disgruntled family members, mistaken identity and it’s just an ordinary day at the office. Until one of them dies.


*Contains explicit descriptions of sex, violence and language Some elements of BDSM MMF M/M

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