Once upon a time I lived in a four season state. Michigan is a fantastic state to live in and the climate, if you’re into cold weather, is perfect. I live in Florida now. So this week’s prompt gives me a chance to tell a little bit of what I like about The Sunshine State.

Lots of Sun

I like that there is so much sun, especially in the winter. Like I said, I was born and raised in Michigan, but the worst thing about Michigan winters is the seemingly grayness. The shades of grays for so many months is depressing.

Sandals are always in fashion

For someone who runs hot, the best thing is sandals and flip-flops. And… pedicures are an essential part of my self-care. What better way to show of sexy toes than super cute sandals or fun quirky flip-flops.

Mild Winters

Yes, no snow. Well I miss the snow, but not the cold. Christmas is a little strange without the snow, but it’s nice to be able to enjoy an outdoor Christmas gift rather than wait for a sunny spring day.

What I don’t like about Florida:

Air you can wear

Humidity during the rainy season is oppressive. Have you ever wrapped a wet towel around your body, then turn the heat on high. Yeah, somewhere between yuck and ugh I don’t wanna go outside.

Rain, rain go away

Rainy season coincides with hurricane season. Rain is plentiful and much needed to replenish the lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. There are days when it rains everyday for weeks on end and that makes the humidity extremely unbearable.

Stop bugging me

Who knew there were so many bugs ALL year round!

In Michigan, there was a respite. In Florida, the bugs bite, buzz, flit, fly, hop, sting, land, annoy and make a general nuisance. And don’t get me started on the lizards and frogs. *shudders*

I miss the fall weather and being able to wear boots and scarves and an occasional sweater. I miss looking at the snow and yes Ice and Snow festivals. Making sand angels is not the same as snow angels.


Then again, there is the sun.

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